Experienced architect specialised in designing and implementing architectural projects. Bringing your vision to life with creativity and precision.
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The principle of architectural designs of buildings and structures is always the raport of three basic criteria: the function, aesthetics and resistance. At the same time, the style and the material have the secondary importance because the material represents known properties, while the style is just an architectural rhetoric.

The mission of the architect arising from the established task, consists in competently solving of an equation with three unknown (the basic criteria mentioned previously), relying at the same time on common sense, on artistic perception and on exact engineering calculation.

My Experience

1994 - 2000


Education and Graduation from the Technical University of Moldova with a major in ARCHITECTURE

2000 - 2003


Administrative activity as the Chief Architect of the city Codru

2003 - 2006


Embracing a period of creative exploration, focused on innovative architectural design.

2006 - 2007


Architect at the Design firm"LINIA NOVA" S.R.L

2007 - 2009


Architect at the Design & Construction Firm 'MCI-Proict' S.R.L.

2009 - 2018


Lead Architect at the Independent Enterprise 'Î.I "AC-ISAC"

2018 - 2020


Lecturer and Mentor for Diploma Projects within the Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

2020 - Now


Creative Director of 'MELCCODOBELC' Art Studio